Club Officers

Tammy Heeb
Sharlene DeLashmit
Kathlene Fisher
Jennifer McNew

Board of Directors

Ron Belt Melissa Broughman Russell Broughman
Dennis Burnett
Terry DeBoard
Dan East
Chavis Gard
Darcy Sevart
Daryl Walter
Club Facilities

The Jeeps Motorcycle Club is located in the State of Kansas between Wichita and Newton just to the west of I-135 at:

605 E. 101st Street North
Park City, KS 67147-9150

Click on the address above or the map below to get directions from your location

The Jeeps Motorcycle Club provides 80 acres of riding trails, several different race tracks, and riding areas for it’s members. These include:

  • Lighted Motocross Track (Supercross style for day or night racing)
  • Extended Length Motocross Track
  • Lighted Flat Track (for day or night racing)
  • Vintage Track
  • Hare Scrambles Track (Track varies by event)
  • Open Riding Areas to suit your skill level

Jeeps club also schedules Motorcycle Racing Events. Open Riding is not allowed prior to a scheduled race when the track is being prepared or during any race event. Make sure that you, and your guests (members may bring a guest out a maximum of three times in one year and pay the $10.00 guest fee per day), are aware and familiar with the Jeeps Motorcycle Club Rules and Regulations before you (or they) start riding.

Membership Information:

Memberships will NO LONGER be available for purchase at the local motorcycle shops or through the mail... Memberships will only be available at the Club Business Meetings (first Friday of the month at 8:00PM). Photo ID will be required to join or renew your membership.

Wichita Jeeps Motorcycle Club would like to make it convenient for current members to renew and for non-members obtain a Jeeps Motorcycle Club membership. Beginning with the new year, existing members will renew their memberships and new members will apply for membership only at the Friday night Jeeps meetings held on the first Friday of each month. You must attend one of the regular club meetings to join the club.

Your membership buys you a key that allows access to the track--this includes Motocross / Supercross style track, a Hare Scramble track, and a Short Track.

Your Membership entitles you to:

  • Utilize the tracks any day of the year that a WJMC race is not scheduled--Or club officials are not on the track ’prepping’ the track for a race
  • Assist the club in planning and executing club functions during the year--Including races.
  • Assist the club in keeping the club grounds clean and trash free
  • Attend a WJMC race with no gate entry fee as long as there are the appropriate number of stamps on the rear of the members card.
  • Each time the member or the member’s immediate family assists the club in a positive manner (Min 4 Hours) the current year’s membership card will be stamped. Starting in 2005 there is an additional required stamp that must be filled (4 Hours Min) for you to be eligible for the following year’s membership renewal.

(Minimum 3 Hours of donated time to get 1 stamp.)
Free entry to the races from January 1 through March 30, requires one stamp
Free entry to the races from April 1 through June 30, requires two stamps
Free entry to the races from July 1 through September 30, requires three stamps
Free entry to the races from October 1 through December 31, requires four stamps


  • January 1 through June 30; $250.00 Membership valid through December 31
  • July 1 through September 30; $185 Membership valid through December 31
  • October 1 through November 31; $100 Membership valid through December 31
  • December 1 through December 31; $50 Membership valid through December 31

Jeeps Sponsors

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