1. Have Fun
  2. All operators of a motorcycle, ATV or Go Kart must wear a D.O.T. approved safety helmet, boots and gloves. Other appropriate safety gear recommended.
  3. Lock the gate after both entering and leaving the club grounds. If you let someone buddy through the gate, it is your responsibility to validate that they are a Jeeps member.
  4. Gate keys cannot be loaned to non-members.
  5. Non-members may be a guest of a member for riding purposes for a maximum of three times per guest, only when the member is present. They MUST sign the guest release form at the front gate.
  6. No open riding is allowed while a race is going on, when a track is having maintenance done, or a track is being prepped for a race.
  7. Membership allows entry to the track 7 days a week (except during race events) for the member and the member’s immediate family only.
  8. Free admission to racing events can happen if the quarterly voluntary work boxes are stamped on your membership card showing that work was done above the 4 hours of mandatory work. Each voluntary box is 3 hours of work.
  9. Please have all pets on a leash.
  10. Do not ride in front of the bleachers by the supercross track. The grass tells us that you are killing it.
  11. For general riding, unload and park in the parking lot.
  12. Supercross and flat track lights can be turned on if proper arrangements are made beforehand. $20.00 per hour paid at the guest box. Call a day or 2 ahead of time so we can unlock them for you.
  13. When you become a member, you are a legal owner of this property. Please treat it as if it was your, becuase it is.
  14. Do not spin kitties in the parking lot or fly though the parking lot. Go slow in the parking lot or anywhere where there is a lot of people around. You can go as fast as you want on the tracks and have fun. Dusting people out is not cool. Be considerate of other members.
  15. The clubhouse can be used for private parties. Get with us ahead of time so proper arrangments cna be made. Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. No cost.
  16. Side by Side's (UTV's, SxS, ROV) can be driven at Jeeps but not on race tracks and do not drive them at race speeds.

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