JMC Hare Scramble Series
(Must Make 3 of 4 Races In the Same Class for Year End Award)

Sunday Race Times:
Gates Open at 7:30am
at 8:00am
Practice Starts at 9:30am
Race Starts at 10:30am
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Gate Admission:
Everyone (Racers, Pit Crew, Spectators, Family & Friends)
Age 13 and over
Age 7 to 12
Children 6 years and younger
and Adults 65 years and older
For races held at The Jeeps Club, Jeeps members and their family’s gate admission is free when a current membership card, validated with the required stamp on the back, is presented to gate personnel.
Race Entry Fee for Motorcycle Races:
Amateur Race entry fee is $30.00 for 1st entry fee. 2nd, 3rd and more is $25.00 Per rider
Pro Race entry fee is $30.00 for 1st entry fee. 2nd, 3rd and more is $25.00 Per rider


Open Riding is not allowed prior to a scheduled race when the track is being prepared or during any race event. Make sure that you, and all riders you allow to use the Jeeps facility, are aware and familiar with the Jeeps Motorcycle Club Rules and Regulations before you (or they) start riding.

Jeeps Hare Scramble Series

Track Contact Information

Jeeps Motorcycle Club
Park City, KS

Track Location

Local Hotel Information
Radium Bridge, Great Bend, KS
Track Location

Hare Scramble Dates for 2019

Feb 10 1st Jeeps Hare Scramble
48th Annual St. Valentines Day Massacre (6 hour / 2 man)
April 7 3rd Jeeps Hare Scramble (3 hour / 2 man)
June 16 2nd Great Bend, Radium Bridge (2 hour / 1 man)
Nov 24 4th Jeeps Hare Scramble
52nd Annual Turkey Run (1 man / 2 hours)

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