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Est. in 1936, in 2015 We celebrate our 79th year!!!
Get Club Info at the Jeeps Club Info line: 316-755-0909
Dial FM 100.9 During any race for our race PA System
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UpComing Events...

  • Fri. Mar 6th - Jeeps Club Business Meeting 8:00pm in the club house. 2015 Memberships will be available at this meeting. Still $200 + 4 hrs of work. Visa/Mastercard accepted (small convenience fee will apply).

  • Sun. Mar 22nd - Round 1 CKMS sanctioned MotoCross Race at Inman

Welcome to the Wichita Jeeps Motorcycle Club
Club News...

1/12/2015 - I want to thank Marc Sattler Vice President, Tami Campbell Treasure and Don Chippeaus Secretary for their service as officers this past year. Our board members Ray Hoch, Chairman, Dennis Burnett, Darcy Sevart, Dan East, Josh Bohannan, Tim Campbell, Jeff Walter, Diana Sattler, Tammy Heeb  You all did a great job.

Please put your support behind the new officers. They will do a great job moving the club forward.

2015 Club Officers -
President: Marc Sattler
Vice President: Donnie Stiver
Secretary: Melissa Broughman
Treasurer: Shallom VanCuren

2015 Board Members -
Dennis Burnett
Brandon Hancock
Darcy Sevart
Daryl Walter
Tria Cotton
Don Chippeaux
Tim Campbell
Dan East
Jeff Walter

I have been honored to be the club’s vice president for 6 years and the club’s president for 7 year. This job has taken me places and put me in situations that I would never have dreamed of going. I have grown as a person tremendously. I am sure all of you know that I am no longer scared to talk on a mike. I was when I started. Lol.  Now you can’t get me to shut up. We have accomplished many things together as a club. The amount of events and the participation in them that we have now at Jeeps is mind boggling compared to when I first joined the club in 1994. The equipment that the club has now to prep tracks and keep the property looking good is a lot better then what we had many years ago.  Jeeps and CKMS have been a big part of life for many years and will continue to be part of it. I am definitely not done racing. I love racing! Diane has been right by my side every step of the way while I was president.  She has been very supportive and I love her for that. It really does take a great first lady to be successful as a president of Jeeps. Thank you Diane! And yes she would tell me when I screwed up. That is part of being a team. The club is financially sound and not overloaded with debt. The biggest payment that I have received for all that I have done at Jeeps is the many, many friends that I have made over the years.  We look forward to many more years of hanging out with our friends at Jeeps.

12/20/2014 - Early Release of the 2015 Jeeps Supercross race schedule:
Round #1 June 6th
Round #2 June 20th
Round #3 July 11th
Round #4 Aug 1st
Round #5 Aug 22nd
Round #6 Sept 5th 16th annual Night Time National

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Jeeps is a Not for Profit Organization which promotes the sport of Off Road Motorcycle Riding and Racing. The Jeeps Motorcycle Club Facility is owned and operated by our club members and is located in Park City, Kansas which is near Wichita. Feel free to look around our web site and learn more about us. This web site is being updated on an ongoing basis and some of the pages are not yet complete, so come back often to see the new content.

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